Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Queen of Yoga Humor

We have a new yoga humorist on the block and her name is Lo from the Y is for Yogini blog. She is one of the most original writers on the yoga blogging scene now and her piece titled, "Yoga Teachers: 10 Tweets Guaranteed to Get You Fired", is the funniest things that I have read recently.

My three favorites tweets from the piece:

‘When I say mula bandha, I MEAN the boom-boom area, the goods, the bizness. Crotches, tally ho!’

‘Only BABIES take child’s pose. Next class, I start handing out diapers!’

‘That rule about not banging your students? Heh. Just a guideline. #bootytapasana’

Hahahahahah....Go Lo and keep creating....and making me laugh!