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OM, Inc - Part 11 - 14

The genius continues...

In case you missed the previous episodes:

Parts 1 through 5

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OM, Inc - Part 1- 5

This is brilliant, funny and so professionally done...I'm loving each part!

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My Third Eye Itches is hiring interns

My Third Eye Itches, the premiere yoga website and prime leader in online yoga consciousness and retrocognition, is looking for interns with bicoastal and bipolar tendencies, who will work in various capacities to help maintain the MTEI website and blog on it's march to Universal Yoga Dawgnation.

In this internship, you will learn how to manipulate and exploit social media as well as becoming familiar with advanced internet techniques such as blog stalking, website scrubbing, phishing, spamming, phone cramming and Nigerian 419 programs (it is useful if you are able to speak and understand Nigerian as you will be in constant contact with other hard working interns at our world headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria).

Daily duties will include: gleaning sexually themed yoga images and content from other sites and blogs to repost on the MTEI website as well as writing sarcastic and caustic replies to comments left by readers on the MTEI blog. Other duties will include packing and shipping t-shirts as well as opening Alpo cans at various times throughout the day.

A key responsibility of this internship will be to deflect calls and inquires from various law firms, law enforcement agencies and individuals regarding charges against My Third Eye Itches for plagiarism, fraud, copyright violations and questionable (and possibly illegal) content.

Though we rely primarily on the use of computers for most of our operations, any previous knowledge and use of clandestine drop points, pack-dogs, carrier pigeons, trained seals, dancing monkeys or unicorn riding leprechauns is highly desirable. Special consideration will be given to interns with generous trust funds and whose parents can contribute financially to My Third Eye Itches. Though the ability to speak and write proper English is not required for this internship, you will be given top priority if you are fluent in New Age, are able to communicate with extraterrestrials, can tame poltergeists or are clairvoyant.

By the end of this internship you will be proficient in excessive exaggerations, far-out fumblings, freaky fantasies and an extended ego. Even though our interns are unpaid, they have been known to go on to promising careers as circus performers and carnival barkers. Perks of this internship include:

1. Sampling swag from dog food companies
2. A daily séance with deceased yoga masters
3. Nude partner yoga sessions with those who have previously shown up on corporate videos for high end yoga spas

Note: An advanced degree in a martial art is helpful in navigating the neighborhood where the MTEI office is located.

Send cover letter and application with an international money order for $123.99 US (for processing) to:

YogaDawg Productions
Postal Drop 419
Ebola Okei-Dokei Street

Our beautiful offices in Camden, NJ

Find your work potential in our light and airy work spaces

You will be in constant contact with our world headquarters.

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No, no, no...please don't make me do it...oh god...I think I just posted it....

Okay, everyone in the yoga world has posted this, so f' it...But I did want to make you aware of Michael Stusser's previous yoga writing that I previewed before... so here it is and make sure you click on the links below to check out his yoga writing.

The yoga writing of Michael Stusser (I'm experiencing bandwidth overload on the YogaDawg site at the moment, but keep checking in)

Thanks to YogaDork for finding

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Don't Post That Video

When that, which will continue to be unnamed 'yoga' video hit recently, I refused to post it because I found it exploitative of the yoga community.

I posted this on Facebook: "Classic, textbook advertising strategy designed to get maximum eyeballs and yammering from the target audience to impress a brand name on brains. Brilliantly staged and executed by the advertising agency to get a huge ROI. They knew exactly what they were doing and how the yoga community would play into their end game to get exposure for the ad for free."

To me this had nothing to do with all the chatter about the sex and art of it, but rather the exploitation of the yoga community by an advertiser. In any event, I was glad to see a couple of other bloggers thinking along these lines.

News Flash: It's an ad people from Bending over Backward

Nude yoga advertising: breaking the cycle from It's all yoga baby

Let the advertisers pay for placement of their ads.

Feel free to download and post the graphic if you see fit.

PS Yes, I'm guilty of this in the past but one can only try to move past their viral video obsessions...:)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Am A Yogi

Click on graphic for detail (or click here for best resolution)

Thanks to Roseanne at It's All Yoga Baby for the grammar lesson and the edits

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Yogi Laser - An Entertaining Yogi

A couple of short videos on this amazing yogi/contortionist.

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The Yoga Hurt Continues

The yoga community seems to have entered into a world of hurt with this New York Times article and the endless yoga blog posts regarding it so it was no surprised when I got a heads up from a PR firm regarding a new article in New York Magazine.

"David Regelin draws his dark eyebrows together into an expression of concentrated disdain. The eight students before him are obediently bent over, ankle to thigh, like a flock of Lululemon-clad flamingos, but the instructor does not like what he sees. “A lot of you think you’re good at yoga,” he proclaims. “You’ve worked hard, and you can get into cool-looking postures. But you shouldn’t be coming to yoga class to perform,” he continues, dropping to a squat before a red-faced middle-aged guy and nudging the man’s earthbound foot forward. “You shouldn’t be coming to exercise, or to get muscles like mine,” he adds, pressing his hands onto the floor to flex his tattooed and indeed impressive biceps. “If what you want is to show off, then this class is probably not for you. If what you want is a fitness class, then this class is not for you.”

Regelin isn’t a yoga purist. He’s one of a growing number of people suggesting that amateur yogis may be doing more harm to their bodies than good.

Ha ha, read on

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Just some things from the Freer and Sackler Galleries

It was a beautiful day in DC yesterday and had an urge to walk around the Mall. Of course since the Freer was there, I thought I'd drop in....

Go to their website

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Yoga Truth In Advertising

Teachers were tearing apart this infographic on Facebook, so I thought it needed the YogaDawg treatment. Here is the real low down on yoga teachers according to REAL yoga teachers.

Click on graphic for detail OR click here for best detail

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The Pose

Reposted as a tale of hope for 2012...

It happened in a Saturday morning yoga class. Exhausted from preparations for the holidays, the yogi was looking forward to a yoga session. During a particular pose, the yogi closed his eyes, felt a calm awareness and was surprised to find he was perfectly aligned (at least in his mind). That had never happened before as he was a novice at yoga.

As he continued to hold the pose, the students around him smiled as they admired his perfect alignment. The teacher stopped teaching the class to study the pose and called other yogis into the studio to show it to them. As word spread, yogis from other studios gathered around to admire it also. All seemed to agree that they had never seen a pose done with such poise.

Those studying the pose suddenly felt themselves became more flexible. They also felt happier; more alive. Wrinkles disappeared; digestion improved; aches and pains were relieved while glass jaws, rope burns, paper cuts, blackheads, spring fever, homesickness, halitosis, corns, bunions, warts, the heebie-jeebies, shyness, unexplained weeping, in-grown toenails and gunshot wounds were all mysteriously cured.

As word of the pose passed from yogi to yogi, it became the number one discussion on yoga blogs and websites. Photos of the pose were scanned, faxed and emailed. It was made into posters and appeared on billboards. It was featured on the six o’clock news. The pose made the cover of Yoga Journal and the magazine renamed itself, “The Pose”, shortly thereafter. Famous yoga stars started making yoga videos, writing yoga books and offering yoga workshops about the pose. The pose began to be referred to as “The Pose”.

Novelists incorporated The Pose into the plots of their books. A famous author penned a pivotal work titled “The Perfect Pose” which went on to become the best selling novel of all time. The novel was made into a movie; the movie was adapted to a one act play; the play was made into a musical which gave way to a major opera called “La Pose”. This made the Italians very happy. Consequently, ancient yoga texts were rewritten to include The Pose. Yoga scholars discussed it in new commentaries on said ancient texts and new scholarly works were written about it.

The Pose enabled people to sleep peacefully through the night (and without snoring), charm cobras, leap buildings in a single bound, acquire untold wealth and speak fluent Sanskrit and Swahili. They also gained the ability to compose complex jazz melodies while walking in the park.

The Pose went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize for physics, a Heisman Trophy, an Oscar for best supporting actress and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor by the President of the United States. A small pacific island nation changed its name to the Island of Pose, (Subsequently becoming the most prosperous nation on the face of the earth by offering workshops and conferences to teach The Pose to yogis around the world).

Endangered species began to reproduce rapidly, rescuing them from extinction. The lamb lay next to the lion and leprechauns were seen riding on unicorns. The sun always shined; the plants were always watered; the dog was always walked; the hole is the ozone was closed and global warming was stopped in it's tracks.

All creatures on the earth sang along to the Music of the Spheres; Gabriel blew his horn and the Sirens chanted Hallelujah! Energy became unlimited and non-polluting; the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse got off their horses to practice The Pose…and…

As the yogi opened his eyes and came out of the pose, he remarked to himself, “I sure wish I was better at this yoga stuff…”

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Yoga Phone

Sometimes phones have all the fun...