Sunday, August 16, 2009

YogaDawg's Yoga Fun Sundays - Sex Edition

I know, I know, yoga is all spiritual and everything but I can't help but to marvel at the exploration of the lower chakras in the name of 'yog'.

The ad that showed up in Yoga Journal a couple of months ago. It graced us with the hot Kathryn Budig for Toesox.

A little more tame is the great booty shoot of Tara Stiles. More on YogaDork

And if you think that this naked exploration of yoga is only on the commercial level, check out Cherryl Duncan of Living Yoga exposing for animal rights.

Check out The New Hotness Is Naked Yoga (from Gawker last year, just caught it the other day) Don't miss the comments. They are best part!

Of course Playboy enters the scene

First from Stacie Stukin's blog and the post entitled "OMing Orgasms"

The post Can Hot Yoga Make You Horny? from Lemondrop may explain the Yogasm and Sexasana.

Speaking of Sexasana, not sure what this style of yoga is but I think are really hot.

And then there is the yoga mouth!