Thursday, June 02, 2011

The 13 Real Reasons Why You Should Take Up Yoga

We all know from reading endless blog posts and Yoga Journal articles that there are many benefits of practicing yoga such as better balance, focus, health and blah, blah, blah. But often the real benefits of yoga are overlooked. Here is the countdown for the top 13 reasons you should do yoga.

13. It’s your ticket into yuppie society

12. Always a good excuse to spend lots of money on things (yoga crap) you didn’t know you needed and really don’t need

11. Chance to act all superior, hip and shit towards people who don’t do yoga

10. Great excuse to get away from your boring spouse, bratty kids and that pain in the ass dog, Fluffy

9. Bill O’Reilly, Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh hate yoga

8. Get to write inane comments on yoga blogs (and get to start your own inane yoga blog)

7. It ‘s sort of like joining a cult but more trendy

6. It’s only psychological addicting

5. Get to eyeball hot yoga teachers and half naked yogsters

4. Get to speak weird shit (and the occasional Sanskrit) that no one else has a clue what it is you are talking about

3. Can act all spiritual while buying worthless and overpriced yoga stuff

2. Chance to attend a yoga festivals to drink the Koka-Kula

And the number one reason to take up yoga.... Naked partner yoga