Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ma Anand Sheela and the Rajneesh scandal

In light of the John Friend scandal, the antics of Rajneesh and his inner circle was truly something to behold. Since I was in Oregon during the time of Rajnesspurum and the arrests of Rajneesh and Ma Sheela, I found this account of Sheela's current life of complete interest.

"Birnstiel(Ma Sheela) blamed her outrageous conduct on the guru. She only did his bidding. She is candid that she had no interest in spiritual enlightenment, the key draw of the guru. She was instead in love with the man.

"My own personal conflict with Bhagwan was a bigger issue," she said. "My love for Bhagwan had a priority over all problems."

That conflict became irreconcilable in 1985, Birnstiel explained. She said she was told of an order for 400 Valium tablets and learned they were for the guru. She said she was stunned. She had no idea he was taking drugs. He had always preached the need to face life without being intoxicated."

Birnstiel now operates two homes for the mentally disabled.

Full story here

Ma Anand Sheela addresses disciples in the commune's two-acre lecture hall.

Ma Anand Sheela deals blackjack at the commune's cardroom at Rajneeshpuram.

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