Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Yoga News - Extraterrestrials Do Yoga

Abdul Momand
For EternallyBlissfulYoga Super Magazine

A farmer walking his wheat field found a simple word in a crop circle that might signal, for the very first time, that yoga is of interest to not only the people of Earth but also to the Extraterrestrial community at large.

This first yoga crop circle appeared in the fertile area of the Becca Valley. The image measures some 640 ft in total length, with the pictogram showing the word, YOGA. Though not perfectly aligned, the word, in the the head-high early wheat plants with its spiral lay of the plants was impressive none the less.

When presented to the founders of famous yoga schools, there seemed to be a common agreement among them, "This is obviously done by an Extraterrestrial force that is new to yoga as the alignment of the letters are a bit shaky." A leading teacher of the Iyengar School said, "If the Extraterrestrials had come to one of our classes, we feel the lettering would have been aligned more properly. We concur that, either the force was new to yoga or studied under one of the other schools of yoga, perhaps Ashtanga."

The photo below seems to indicate that yoga is even more popular then currently believed.