Sunday, January 04, 2009

Iceland Adopts the Yogo

Bjork the Stork
For Yoga In Really Cold Places Magazine

In bankruptcy, Iceland is the first country to officially adopt the Yogo, the international yoga currency that has been slowly gaining acceptance with yogis worldwide. With food stocks down to 3 to 5 weeks, Iceland needs to quickly restore a proper foreign exchange market so importers can get back to normal business and avoid shortages, importers said on Wednesday.
Since the crisis broke out on the north Atlantic island of 300,000 people, involving the government taking over the top three banks, suppliers to Iceland have cut credit to importers. Some have also demanded pre-payment for goods. A possibility of real bread lines in the country, the prime minister called for drastic measures to stem the crisis.

“With the kr√≥na all but worthless, this Yogo is a good thing for Iceland”, said prime minister, Geir Haarde in a news conference. When asked why they would not accept a more formidable currency like the US dollar, the prime minister replied, “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …cough, cough …cough, cough, cough …………”, as he went into a coughing fit.

The Yogo is of importance because with the global yoga economy reaching 800 trillion (in Euros), the Yogo had begun being used worldwide as the devaluation of global currencies continue, effectively replacing the US dollar for all yoga transactions. No downturn in business, even a global recession, has put a dent in the demand for yoga classes. The Yogo was developed as a currency of exchange among practitioners of yoga as a stable currency.

Though in dire straits, Iceland is not yet ready to take the extreme measures that North Dakota proposed of renaming the entire state, Yoga, to attempt to stop the out flux of population from the state to warmer climates. The concept though was not lost on the yoga practitioners there. “Well, I would love to see yoga play a more prominent part in the economy of Iceland. I don’t want to go back to fishing and Yogaland really doesn’t sound so bad for the country”, commented Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, President of Iceland.

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