Monday, September 05, 2011

YogaDawg's Yoga Week in Review

The latest YogaBoy cartoon - This is a masterpiece

Follow YogaDawg to his latest yoga studio prowl - Too hot to handle!

Ice Box Yoga - That's some cold shit....

Yoga Career (continued) - The Missing Chapter from My Third Eye Itches - The lastest installment where rich teacher meets yoga.

YogaDawg meets YogaBitch - Yes, it's true. She is awesome and funny.

Extraterrestrials Do Yoga - From the YogaDawg Archives - They're bad and they're back. Check out the YogaDawg crop circle.

Yoga Morons Pose All Over NYC Subway Car, Make Homeless ‘Joke’ - This is all over the web with the consensus being this is kind of douchy...

Other yoga things mentioned in the yog-o-web:

YogaDawg gets mentioned in a post on Yoga Modern

Yoga Flash Mob: Take Two - In NYC

Top 10 Reasons Why Drinking is the New Yoga - This make me smile.

The Irony of Yoga Fashion and Its Gusseted Crotch of Higher Consciousness - The best yoga post title of the month and a funny read.

Why Yoga Can Be So Irritating - Kind of stinky (you'll have to read to get the joke)

Socializing with Students – To Brunch or Not to Brunch? - All kinds of ramifications that even I have had to deal with.

Iyengar in 1977 - Interesting to see how he aged from the films in the 1930s

Great interview with Yoga Bitch - “So I simply can’t keep it together when my placid-faced yoga mates start honking at each other like Ganesha the elephant god."

And the best yoga pic of the week: