Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Steve Ross goofs on LA and LA is miffed

Steve Ross did an interview on Huffington Post on LA but it seems to have offended some there. Maybe he has been taking notes from Bikram...

Some highlights:

If LA were a yoga position, what might she be?
Down Dog with a cell phone in the left hand and a Kombucha and/or mirror in the right hand… or Happy Baby Pose, which many know by my nickname for it, Happy Boyfriend Pose!

Where would you take an out-of-town friend?
LAX if I liked them, the Santa Monica Pier if I didn't.

Do you have a meal that reminds you of Los Angeles?
A banana, coconut water, blueberry smoothie -- with a generous topping of Botox.

How do you choose the music to play in your yoga classes?
UCLA girls tell me what to play… and Elvis appears to me and tells me to play rap.

Why do you love Los Angeles?
I love LA because of its casual ability to undermine any true creativity. And it has nice weather.

Why do you hate Los Angeles?
I don't hate LA, I just hate the people that live here :)

PS I think the interview is hilarious but then I'm a YogaDawg (and don't live in LA ;) But I do still have fond memories from the last time I was there.