Thursday, September 08, 2011

Yoga Career (continued) - The Missing Chapter from My Third Eye Itches

Previously on Yoga Career

Entreyoganeur - Teachers that are Entreyoganeurs have no shortage of money for they have learned to successfully milk the teat of the Yoga-Industrial-Complex. These are the teachers who found that yoga students are an endless source of wealth; not from yoga classes, but from yoga materialism. You will find Entreyoganeurs hawking their yoga wares in large commercial yoga venues such as yoga festivals and conferences and on ad ladened websites and blogs that seem to exist simply for the enrichment of the entryoganeur themselves. You can easily spot web sites that are run by entreyoganeurs by the endless blog posts and articles found on them that are just thinly disguised advertisements for their own yoga goods and services (and lame, inappropriate posts designed to piss off the larger yoga community to gain more traffic). The most cherished thing that they sell is the ability to get yoga students to work for them for free in the guise of dana for the good of the yoga community.

Entreyoganeurs can often be found teaching in comfortable suburban yoga studios or in small isolated upscale communities far removed from the more trendy studios found in gentrified but still somewhat dangerous areas of big cities. Entreyoganeurs tend to own their own yoga studio in which they have set up an extensive yoga shop that looks like an Indian marketplace selling a never ending supply of yoga themed merchandise. These studios also provide additional revenue streams by up-selling students who simple come for a relaxing yoga class, a mind boggling array of yoga workshops, teacher training programs and yoga adventures to foreign lands.

The Entreyoganeur are accepted by their neighbors as hard-working citizens (they are careful not to give any impression that they are of the same breed of as the yogi hippie freak so often associated with the yoga 'trade') and lend just the correct amount of the exotic to be invited to parties and cookouts thrown by them. They have manage to dispel the image of the flaky yoga teacher and are always quick to explain that “yoga is just another business” to the approving nods of those who hold normal jobs and live a normal life style. Outside the neighborhood, though, and among their yoga peers, the Entreyoganeur goes through great pains to justify their yoga shrilling by claiming that, by making a living selling yoga stuff, they’re able to keep their yoga teaching “unpolluted” and pure from commercial yoga styles.

Behavioral Identifiers:
- Air of dignity
- Wears normal clothes
- Has normal friends
- Chronic fatigue
- Always on the prowl for something to sell
- Masters of yoga BS
- Split personality

Virtues: Competence

To be continued