Saturday, September 03, 2011

YogaDawg on the Prowl - Yoga Fusion

About a year and a half ago I stopped going to yoga classes due to variety of issues. I recently decided that I needed to get back among the yoga living again (those DVD were just not cutting it anymore). So I’m on the prowl again, dropping into yoga studios with the hope of finding the transcendental truth, blissful humor (and hopefully find the one person who can help my knee). “YogaDawg on the Prowl” is a semi-regular photo record of my yoga wanderings.

Alberto Giacometti. Dog. 1951 (cast 1957) MoMA

Yoga Fusion is a pleasant enough space with clean lines and modern art on the walls in the reception area. The studio space is plain, uncluttered with white walls and no decorations...everything neat and orderly down to the posted, fully illustrated instructions on how to fold and re-stack the blanket after you are done with it. It was only when they opened up the studio doors that I realized is was a hot yoga studio. It was so hot, I seriously considered leaving then and there.

I stayed because the teacher came in and mercifully turned down the heat from the previous class. The classes are heated to around 90, so that studio is essentially a bust for me since I can't deal with heat. It's too bad because the teacher was great, a student of Shiva Rea who had a beautiful visual flow in her vinyassa.

So if you are into the hot yoga this might be the place for you.