Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Jenna does Bikram

Nothing succeeds like success. I was always perplexed by the popularity of Bikram but think the answer lies in the video. “People come to my class, they give up everything from their life. The mind is gone, spirit is gone. Those people come to me. I bring hope to them and give them brand new life.” explains a lot. Like those attracted to popular evangelical preachers, people who are hurting are looking for a change and anything novel enough might just nudge them enough to temporarily relieve the hurt. Take a new thing like yoga where you have to concentrate on the poses instead of your ‘issues’ and that might be the change they are looking for. Yoga is intense enough to temporarily shock you out of your current shit and stop the drama that has been dragging you down. The extreme heat of Bikram might add to the effect. OR I could be completely full of it...:)

In any event, you have to love the guy when he claims “You will never find anyone more pure than me.”

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