Saturday, October 15, 2011

YogaDawg's Yoga Week in Review

Yoga with Animals - And no dawgs....

Yoga with Balls - A great name for a yoga studio

Herbie Hancock - Buddhist Jazz Musician

Are you experienced? - In support of Occupy Wall Street

Are You Happy? - From the YogaDawg archives

A yoga inspired music video - So crazy

Remember, cows not only love yoga but cows also love Dixieland.... - Moooooooooooooooooooooooo.....

The Sunday Yoga Funnies - YogaBoy by Chris Panico - A relevant cartoon for today's economic limited

#OCCUPYDC - Ralph Nader shows up and gives a stirring speech

Other stuff whirling around the yoga interscene

‘Enlightened’: Portrait of a crazy lady
- A depiction of a woman far past the edge of a nervous breakdown. It also sublimely lampoons office life, Los Angeles and the touchy-feely panacea of 21st-century yoga culture.

Seane Corn Joins Russell Simmons, Protesters To Bring Yoga To Occupy Wall Street - With some photos

How Garbo Learned to Stand on Her Head - Read the comments for some good laughs.

Yoga image of the week