Friday, October 28, 2011

The Real Cost of Taking Up Yoga

This can almost be a satirical piece in itself. Granted you can do yoga for free but how much have you spent in a year on yoga??

via Bloomburg with links galore for those yogis that need to spend some money...ahum, I mean, support the economy....

Strike a Pose

$90: Learn the fundamentals for Yoga postures. Five-class introductory series at Iyengar Yoga Association of Greater New York. (A four-class introductory series at Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco costs $50.)

$1,150: Group classes at a yoga studio to release neck pain from computer usage and neutralize stress. One-year price is for unlimited classes at Yogaworks. (Monthly rate: $115/month for unlimited classes)

$1,800: To enhance poses learned in group classes, take private lessons, which average $150 per class in pricey New York

Running tally: $3,040

Yoga Clothes
A t-shirt and shorts work well, but specialized gear is available.

$216: Women's pants, 2 pairs, groove pant -- brushed

$156: Three Dash Tank II women's tank tops designed to fit over support bra

$40: No-slip yoga socks with individual toe covering, two pairs

$68: Women's Cabin Long Sleeve Tee II T shirt, a breathable, long-sleeve T-shirt

$126: Three sports bras, Flow Y Bra IV for yoga, $42 each

$70: YogaToes and YogaHands with gel support relieve stress and tension, soothe sore muscles, increase circulation and relieve pain

Running tally: $3,716

Yoga Basics
To practice postures, you can buy the basics with a little pizazz added.

$89: YogaMatic custom-designed paisley yoga mat

$23: Eco-friendly Hemp Yoga Mat Bag, an extra-large bag to hold mats, towel, block and water bottle

$40: Lululemon's Manduka Equa absorbent yoga towel

$10: The bobble, an 18.5 oz. eco-friendly water bottle, has a built-in carbon filter that's good for 300 refills

Running tally: $3,878

Practicing meditation helps to achieve inner peace.

$86: Zafu-zabuton Meditation Cushion set -- a round meditation cushion stuffed with buckwheat hulls or natural kapok, so it remains firm during sittings

$66: Meditation course to nurture the mind and spirit -- three weekly sessions at Integral Yoga Institute

Running tally: $4,030

Props for Poses
$19: Two D Buckle 8-foot straps for extra support and proper alignment

$50: Yoga bolster to support the neck, knees or other areas during some poses and to put under the knees during savasana (final relaxation)

$40: Two bamboo yoga blocks -- eco-friendly and lightweight ($20 each)

$25: Mexican-style yoga blankets for comfort, warmth and support for knees and joints during poses

Running tally: $4,164

Yoga Workshops (4 per year)
Once you've learned the basics, fine-tune your skills -- prices at Integral Yoga.

$24: The yoga of breath, Pranayama for beginners -- fundamentals of yogic breathing techniques

$34: Mudras for a healthy heart -- hand gestures to strengthen the heart

$30: Toning and strengthening digestion

$30: Shoulders, arms, wrists and hands -- yoga for upper extremities

Running tally: $4,282

Yoga Enrichment
Refine your asanas (your poses) with DVDs, apps, magazines and books.

$14: Yoga Journal magazine, one-year subscription

$17: The Golden Present: Daily Inspirational Readings by Sri Swami Satchidananda

$16: Yoga: Mastering the Basics by Rolf Slovik and Sandra Anderson

$14: Meditation for the Love of It, Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience by Sally Kempton

$25: Beginner's DVD: Complete Beginner's Guide by Jason Crandell

$4: Pocket Yoga HD for iPad App from Rainfrog LLC

Running tally: $4,372

Soothing Mind and Body
After yoga, promote relaxation with eye pillows and tea.

$152: Adagio Organic Teas in four 16-oz. packages

$34: Glass teapot with infuser for the richest flavor

$7: Lavender scented cotton or silk eye pillow filled with natural flaxseed

Running tally: $4,565

Conferences and Luxury Escapes
Extend the peace, serenity and well-being you feel after attending yoga class.

$860: Yoga Journal New York Conference, five days, Hilton Hotel, April 12-16

$1,795: Bali Holistic Yoga Retreats provide classes, nutrition options and cultural experiences -- five star accommodations (six-night, seven-day package)

$1,792: Airfare, New York-Bali, via Cathay Pacific

Running tally: $9,012

Yoga Music and Concerts
Songs of celebration may help you find your inner path.

$100: Kirtans, four per year from Integral Yoga -- an evening of chanting in a concert hall setting. Suggested donations on day of concert, $25

$30: Krishna Das Concert: Upcoming performance on Nov. 19 in New York and Jan. 13, 2012 in San Francisco among others.

$36: Two CDs of Krishna Das music -- Heart Full of Soul and Heart as Wide as the World

Running tally: $9,178

Beyond Yoga
Apart from the many poses of yoga, there are treatments that incorporate its principles.

$392: Thai Massage incorporates yoga-like stretches, four sessions

$1,200: Acupuncture to support muscle health and energy flow, one-hour monthly sessions for a year

$9: Arnica Cream made from Arnica montana, a mountain plant, 2.5 oz.

Running tally: $10,779

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I myself spent about $4,000 the first year of yoga (classes, workshops, books, dvds, a yoga mat and some shorts from Target...I'm down to less than a $1,000 for classes a year (and well worth it for my sanity and sense of humor :)