Saturday, October 01, 2011

YogaDawg's Yoga Week in Review

Make Your Spine Young - Who needs yoga?

How YogaDawg Affects the Brain - This is your brain on YogaDawg

I think I love her - Now that's a yoga teacher!

Are You a Holy Yogi - A YogaDawg Quiz from the Yoga Archives

The Ego Resides in the Knees - A couple of good article attached about knee pain

The lastest Chris Panico funny - Great drawing

Other stuff of interest in yoga

Are Yogasms Real? - Which begs the question, Are Yogarections Real?

A New Yoga-Inspired Technique To Help Your Shoulder Injury - And yoga can heal you

Two Tripod Headstand - Pretty cool old photo.

In Yoga, When Is a Pose More Than Just a Pose? - The never ending debate.

Photo of the Week