Friday, April 01, 2011

The Bronx Zoo Cobra found at Jivamukti Yoga Studio

The Bronx Zoo cobra that went missing last Friday and was later personified by a Twitter account has been found. The Egyptian cobra currently has more than 221,000 followers on Twitter but has yet to “tweet” about his recent recapture.

The Bronx Zoo revealed on its website that the cobra has been found alive and well. Officials confirmed the snake was found practicing yoga in the Jivamukti yoga studio at 841 Broadway in Manhattan. The Bronx Zoo said they found the adolescent snake doing Bhujangasana with Sharon Gannon in a special VIP yoga room at Jivamukti.

Ms. Gannon told zoo officials, “That cobra has real potential of becoming a yogi though it balked at becoming a vegetarian.” It is not clear if zoo officials will institute yoga classes for it's animals at the zoo. Ms Gannon commented, “I think yoga could really help those caged up beings feel less like animals." When asked how the cobra came to take take a yoga class at the studio, she replied, "Guess it saw our logo and figured that's where all the hip cobras are hanging out."