Thursday, April 21, 2011

Doga Magazine Slammed As Insensitive

Note: The sampling of emails, tweets and blog comments below are in response to the yoga talent search sponsored by Doga Magazine. Non-dog loving yogis have spoken out in their disgust of the dog-exclusive contest which they view as species-insensitive, anti-dog intolerant and blatantly prejudicial to all other life forms practicing yoga. These emails, tweets and blog comments were obtained from an unknown source that is working in deep cover at Doga Magazine and believed to be an operative of another yoga magazine, Yoga Journal, which was also recently chided for its talent contest which many viewed as simply a popularity contest.

"I found you contest quite offensive. Only allowing dogs to enter is totally unyogic."

"Your restriction of only allowing dogs to enter this contest caused my lama such distress that he shat on the carpet and insists that he is now an alpaca. Thanks creepos."

"What? None of my 17 cats are good enough for your contest? Bite me!!!"

"I suggest all non-dog yoga pet lovers send in a photo showing only their pet’s ass. Send a message for species diversity!"

"Yoga is not just for bitches, bitches."

"Your contest is for the birds (so to speak)!"

"My elephant can out bakasana any of your dogs any day. Where is the diversity of pet type in your magazine? Always skinny dogs. Enough already!!"

"Yoga is not just down dogs and up dogs you stupid mutts."

"Even though your contest implies that only dog can enter, I thought you would accept the attached jpg of my favorite begonia. I think it is doing yoga because it looks so calm."

"Hi, I’m 7 years old and I have some mold growing under my bed. Can I enter them in your contest? My mom told me to ask."

"Can peeps enter…oh my god, No, No No…don’t eat me…wait, wait, okay, forgetaboutit….fuuuccccckkkkk……"

"Zeion ihoke klijd jklkliue mfmapi jdfiuye douek oaueh ioodo jdielos kdojleidk (Roughly translated: You earthlings are so de-evolved to not allow aliens to enter your contest)."

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Some photos of non-dog loving yogis: