Monday, March 21, 2011

Sarah Does Delhi - A New Bollywood Film with Sarah Palin and Charlie Sheen

Kali Dali Ma Ma for the New Delhi Post

Famous American moose hunting politician, Sarah Palin, is rumored to star in a new Bollywood production to be titled, "Sarah Does Delhi". Ms. Palin's India trip on March 18 to give the keynote address, "My Vision of America," in New Delhi was extended for a few days so she could work on her first full length film.

Sources close to Palin say the movie will be “a song and dance production” with a host of b-list Indian actors and one washed up actor from the back wash of sitcoms in America. Charlie Sheen will co-star as the “village idiot of Sober Resorts”; a mythological place which is the background where the movie takes place (Mr. Sheen insisted that movie be named either "Tiger Blood" or "Winning Indian Style").

The list of song and dance tunes are:

I couldn’t find the darn slots at the Taj Mahal
Indian people have awesome tans
When I see a cow, I think hamburger
Delhi Belly
Dang, I thought India was in Indiana
India, Pocahontas and me
108 call centers
Eat, Poop, Cash Check
How come there aren’t any yoga mats in this here temple?
What’s with the red dots?
Remix: When I see a cow, I think hamburger (When I see a cow, I reach for my shotgun)