Sunday, January 11, 2009

YogaDawg Spotted in DC

For EternallyBlissfulYoga Super Magazine

Wild rumors abound that the controversial and elusive yoga guru, YogaDawg, was spotted at the Global Mala celebration in Washington DC on September 21. Past attempts to photograph YogaDawg have failed due to his use of advanced yogic Siddhas (yoga powers). These have allowed YogaDawg from being photographed in public by eluding the paparazzi by either walking through walls, levitating out of windows or completely disappearing before his picture could be snapped. Why he has allowed himself to be photographed at this point is anyone’s guess. Some astute YogaDawg watchers believe that this may have something to do with his independent run for President of the United States. Others believe that it was simply the worldwide celebration of yoga that put YogaDawg in the mood to be photographed. In any event, whether the photos are real or not, yogis worldwide believe that YogaDawg may be slipping out his self-imposed exile since the time of the suspension of his famous yoga blog by evil forces of the Yoga Industrial Complex and Tom Cruise.

Shiva Sunshine (her real name she claims), who attended the gathering is quoted as saying, “I know I heard a lot of insane laughing from somewhere in the crowd. From what I know from YogaDawg, I would swear that it was him. Unfortunately, I never spotted him but there seem to be a lot of smiling faces from the direction of the laughter. But then who know? It might just have been the Yoga that got everyone smiling ”.

Is that YogaDawg in this photograph?