Monday, January 05, 2009

The YogaDawg List for 2009

Everything is in meltdown; housing, the economy, the polar ice caps; yogis are fleeing from yoga studios to hunker down in their homes for marathon sessions of yoga in an attempt to OM themselves from the chaos around them. The yoga mat is the last haven of safety from visions of an apocalyptic meltdown of civilization itself (Whew…).

High end yoga clothes and frivolous yoga stuff find their way into consignment shops and yard sales. Today’s hot new yoga fashion is 'fuggetabouit'. Target is the new Lululemon! Expensive organic, free range, yoga themed foods gives way to back-yard and balcony ‘yoga gardens’ spouting ‘real’ food. The hip new yoga mantra is,” less is more”.

But wait, there’s hope for 2009! All yogis Namaste for Obama to lead them from the economic Kali Yuga and save them from the abuses of the Yoga Industrial Complex. A yogic economic bailout is in the offering as the Yoga Progress Administration is initiated in the land. The most important thing to remember to do this year is to simply breathe….

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