Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Yoga Hurt Continues

The yoga community seems to have entered into a world of hurt with this New York Times article and the endless yoga blog posts regarding it so it was no surprised when I got a heads up from a PR firm regarding a new article in New York Magazine.

"David Regelin draws his dark eyebrows together into an expression of concentrated disdain. The eight students before him are obediently bent over, ankle to thigh, like a flock of Lululemon-clad flamingos, but the instructor does not like what he sees. “A lot of you think you’re good at yoga,” he proclaims. “You’ve worked hard, and you can get into cool-looking postures. But you shouldn’t be coming to yoga class to perform,” he continues, dropping to a squat before a red-faced middle-aged guy and nudging the man’s earthbound foot forward. “You shouldn’t be coming to exercise, or to get muscles like mine,” he adds, pressing his hands onto the floor to flex his tattooed and indeed impressive biceps. “If what you want is to show off, then this class is probably not for you. If what you want is a fitness class, then this class is not for you.”

Regelin isn’t a yoga purist. He’s one of a growing number of people suggesting that amateur yogis may be doing more harm to their bodies than good.

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