Sunday, July 17, 2011

Naked Yoga Stretches Self-Esteem, But Is It Healthy?

Yep, you don't want to have a cut or nick...

"Experts agree there are psychological benefits to naked yoga, but not physical ones. "If you're wearing loose clothing or spandex, there's nothing to stop you from doing all the postures or stretches or movements in yoga with the proper clothes," Konefal said. "The sense of freedom is not a physical, it’s a psychological."

"And the practice may present a potential health hazard if the yoga studio supplies mats other people have used. To avoid sanitization issues, you want to make sure to always use your own mat, Konefal said. (Naked Yoga NYC requires that all participants bring their own mats)."

"You don’t want to have a cut or nick and risk of infection," Konefal said.

via Live Science