Friday, January 21, 2011

Seane Corn Retro

I love this!! The folks at Elephant noticed the awesome and lovely Seane Corn on an old video from the 1990s that is on YouTube. This is pre-teacher Seane. What makes this so cool is that it's a reminder that "yoga stars" just don't pop up out of nowhere with a full page ad or cover one day in Yoga Journal. There’s a lot of history and work behind fame. I don't know much about Bryan Kest, but I think he must find it great to see one of his former students shine so brightly.

Also Seane left a comment on Elephant that she was the cover model for Eric Schiffmann's book, "Moving into Stillness". She confirmed that a photo on an introduction page of the book is also her. The figure on the lower right is Eric. Looking at all this makes me think, "Wow, what great hair everyone has"...:)