Tuesday, December 28, 2010

YogaDawg on the Prowl - Flow Yoga

About a year and a half ago I stopped going to yoga classes due to variety of issues. I recently decided that I needed to get back among the yoga living again(those DVD are just not cutting it anymore). So I’m on the prowl again, dropping into yoga studios with the hope of finding the transcendental truth, blissful humor (and hopefully find the one person who can help my knee). “YogaDawg on the Prowl” is a semi-regular photo record of my yoga wanderings.

Alberto Giacometti. Dog. 1951 (cast 1957) MoMA

Flow is the yoga-hipster hangout that is overcrowded but surprisingly affordable. I stopped going here because of the cramped classrooms but they had a Yin class that I wanted to check out. I had to laugh to see that with only a few inches between mats, the teachers did a couple of asanas that impeded on the mat of the yogis next to me (earth to teacher, knock off any spread arm or leg poses in crowded classrooms). In any event, it did bring back a nostalgic glow since I had some history here (See the part about Flow Yoga).

The iconic narrow stairs of many yoga studios in DC.

Ha, ha...if only the classrooms was this, ahum, spacious...

Truth in advertising makes the classrooms more like this...but overall it was a fun class.