Thursday, December 09, 2010

A Buddhist blog that even a YogaDawg can read and understand

I don't usually read Buddhist blogs because, quite frankly, they are too heady for me. Too many are bogged down in mental gymnastics and historical hair-splitting which is kind of boring for a non-Buddhist such as myself (It’s kind of funny that for a practice that is in essence so simple, meditation, generates so much chatter. Seems the yoga world has been getting this way in the last couple of years). Recently I came across a Buddhist blog that cracked me up and was definitely in the YogaDawg camp with its sense of humor. It actually explains things very well.

WARNING: If you in the least bit sensitive to mocking or lack a sense of humor in discussing Buddhism, don't click on the link below. You have been warned.

This particular post explains the dangers of meditation which I experienced in my yoga practice with coming face to face with stuff about myself that I rather not have.

Buddhism Sucks

By the way, there is another blog that I have always read because it more like the YogaDork of the Buddhist blog space. Worst Horse