Wednesday, December 01, 2010

My new mat

This is my new yoga mat that I really like because it is all cotton and environmentally friendly. With all the issues from sticky mats; their use of questionable materials and problems with disposal, this mat fills the gap for an eco-sustainable alternative. According to the seller, “The dyes are natural and the residual dye water is used to irrigate fruits of fruits and vegetables that surround the manufacturing facility. No power is used in the production of our rugs. The water source is a well on the site. The cotton dries in the sun. The rugs are hand-made on manual looms by master weavers.”

The mat has a heavy weave that is densely woven and hand-made on manual looms by craftsmen in India. Seems very strong and durability and they come with a 15 year warranty. When I open the package there was a sweet smell rather than a plastic or rubber smell that is associated with new mats which was nice. Extra cool is an attached tag that had the craftsperson’s signature on it who made the mat. Its grip on the feet is pretty good (will be interesting to see how it grips once it is roughed up a bit). I think it would be extra perfect for a sweaty, hot yoga practice since it’s cotton and can be machine washed.

The only thing that I don’t like about it is that it slips too easily on the polished wood floor at the studio that I practice at. I wrote the owner of the company and he said they were going to offer a natural rubber underlay for the mat for $5. This should solve that problem.

Anyway check them out here: Yogasana
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