Sunday, September 06, 2009

YogaDawg's Yoga Fun Sundays - Fashion Yoga

On the tail (hee-hee) of Tara Stiles booty shot for American Apparel, it appears that AA has taken a nose-dive in its fortunes and had to lay off 1,500 workers (read the comments which are as usual, funny as shit). Not to imply that one lead to the other but interesting that the owner couldn't resist trashing Obama (10% of the US population unemployed and this doushbag is whining about not being able to hire undocumented workers even after getting caught for having nearly 2,000 illegal factory workers in L.A.).

In any event, I think this had more to do with losing its appeal of the hip yoga crowd who have been flocking to buy the new YogaDawg Hipster Yoga Clothing line.

From the YogaDawg Yoga Collection: The new Hipster Yoga Clothing line.

Yoga Hipster in Warrior II pose sporting the fresh new YogaDawg "Williamsburg" yoga outfit

The classic YogaDawg yoga clothing line:

Top to Bottom

Vedic Face Paint
Lotus Joy Premium Yoga Club
Mellow Yellow Chakra Yoga Shirt
Holy Moly Far Out Yoga Bead Set
Mellow Yellow Chakra Yoga Pants

Top to Bottom

Crown Chakra Turban
Vedic Face Paint
The Fall Colors Yoga Towel
The George Harrison Inspired Yoga Shirt
The Fall Colors Yoga Pants
Staff of the Himalyas

The YogaDawg Sadhu Summer Collection

Top to Bottom

Golden Heart Crown
Silver Guru Delux Power Staff
The Amazing Yogi Bead Collection
Prana Star Braclet
Pure Free and Easy Loin Cloth

Top to Bottom

Yogic Beard Extensions
Vedic Brahman Precious Beads
Super Shakti Yogi Loin Cloth
Genuine True Aged Animal Skin Yoga Mat

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