Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Seane Cuts her Hair

Sheri Sang
For Yoga Celebrity Magazine

Seane Corn, famous American yoga star and yoga babe, cut her hair last week. Even though her fawning male students are in shock, Ms. Corn reports that she is quite happy with her new 'doo'.

"I wasn't getting the respect for my yoga skills like the other famous American yoga stars. Everyone was so focused on my hair and not my yoga that I decided to cut it off. I'm not just my hair, you know. I am so much more. Besides, that stuff kept getting in my eyes all the time during all my poses", Ms.Corn said. She added, "I thought I might do the braid thing that Ana (Ana Forrest, another famous American yoga star) has going on, but Shiva (Shiva Rae, another famous yoga star) said yoga students might confuse us. So she suggested this".

When Baron Baptiste, another famous American yoga star, was reached for comments regarding Ms. Corn's new hair style, Mr. Baptiste said, "I don't know why she doesn't wear a bandana like me. I think that would be kind of hot".

Meanwhile, the members at the Organization of Bald Men are thrilled by her new look. "We have adopted her as an inspiration to all of us here", said Barry Barnsworth, spokesmen for the organization. "I think a lot of us are going to take up yoga", he added.

Seane Corn sporting her new hair style.