Friday, November 30, 2007

Yoga News - Innovative New Magazine Launch - Men's Yoga Magazine

Freddie Hobert For Yoga Magazine Institute

Men will be able to get a fresh perspective on the Yoga world around them this month thanks to the nationwide launch of YQ, an exciting new magazine which aims to bring the male perspective to Yoga.

Covering everything from Yoga fashion to Yoga flirting, Yoga music to Yoga studios with its own unique stance, this picture-led publication will transform the way men think about Yoga. Articles in the premiere issue include:

No more Lavender Yoga Mats

Defeminizing the Yoga Studio

Yoga Ain't Gay by Earl of San Antonio

Spotlight on Yoga - YoGun Yoga Studios

Most exciting of all is the Yoga Babe of the Month centerfold which will be of great inspiration for aspiring male Yogis and is sure to keep the male Yoga student motivated. The Yoga Babe of the Month for the premier issue will be Rainbeau Mars. YQ is the first publication of its kind to compete in the Yoga male magazine sector, a particularly challenging market.

It will be edited by YogaDawg who commented, "At last there is an alternative to that fem Yoga rag, Yoga Journal. Now men won't have to request a plain brown wrapper when buying their Yoga magazine through the mail or at a Yoga studio. We are getting lots of positive feedback from both male Yoga students and male Yoga Stars on the magazine."