Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yoga Studio Design - The Yoga Studio Shop

As a Yoga studio owner, the Yoga studio shop is where you will want to lavish the most attention and care. This will be your perennial money maker, so always think bigger is better. As a general rule, you will want to make this the largest space in the studio. You will also want to locate it right by the front door so as not to be missed by your students as they enter the studio for their classes.

Ideally though, to maximize your Yoga profits, you will want to have the Yoga shop occupy at least half the size of the studio. You will then strategically place the receptionist desk right in the middle of it with Yoga merchandise overflowing from shelves and displays placed all around it. This will allow your students to do some much needed Yoga shopping before (and after) their Yoga class. Always design your studio and shop so that the student will be forced to make their way through it before they go to their classes.