Tuesday, June 14, 2011

YogaDawg's Yoga Conversion Kits - From The YogaDawg Archives

With yoga hitting the big time in popularity, tensions between yoga schools have escalated. Yogis from different yoga styles mingle with each other creating new and hybrid versions of yoga and in the process causing conflicts and frictions. Different yoga schools have different yoga values, traditions and points of view on yoga. Some of these positions may be in harmony with others and some may clash.

It is this current geo-yoga reality that inspired Guru YogaDawg to develop his Yoga Conversion Kit. While some may believe that yogis from different schools should live in peace, most seasoned yogis know that this is not the case. YogaDawg approaches the problem in a practical and pragmatic way by offering his yoga conversion kits to align the yogi to his current yoga situation and desire.

With the YogaDawg Yoga Conversion Kit, changing yoga styles has never been so easy. Do you need to change your style of yoga for a chance to teach at a hot new yoga studio? Are you moving to a place that only offers a yoga style that is hostile to your current one? Are you trying to impress that special someone with your yoga skills but who practices a different yoga style than you? Then convert to the style of yoga of your choice with the YogaDawg Yoga Conversion Kit. A new yoga style and a new respectability can now be yours at an affordable price.

Gone are the days when a yogi would have to hide in the back of a yoga studio to learn the basics of a new yoga style along the fear of accidently exposing themselves as ignorant of the style they are practicing. Conversion from one style to another used to take years and great amounts of money. Now though, through the genius of Guru YogaDawg with his vast yoga knowledge and the diligent work by his two disciples, MadDawg and HotDawg, extracting essential yoga information from the internet, Yoga Journal and the vast Yoga-Industrial-Complex, the YogaDawg Yoga Conversion Kit is now available to you now at little cost.

Each kit comes in easy to open packaging (none of that impossible plastic casing that would stress even the most advance of yogis) which contains user-friendly instructions highlighting the latest trends and language of the particular yoga style. Individual yoga styles are fully illustrated and the included DVD will teach you everything about the style; modifications, rituals, power jargon, special chants and advance moves. YogaDawg is especially proud of the patented Guru-in-the-Box CD Assistance who will explain the essence of the style as well as tips & tricks that will get you up and posing in no time. In addition, each kit is specially packed with a set of items unique to each style though all contain the specially patented ‘Quick Converter’ that is an easy to follow graphic guide explaining important points so you can step in your new yoga style immediately.

The Ashtanga Conversion Kit includes:

- Two Large plastic bags for use of deposing of all your now unnecessary yoga props

- A 10% off coupon good for one Black Manduka yoga mat, the preferred mat of Ashtangis world-wide

- A Sanskrit quick translate guide to help you understand what the heck the Ashtangis are saying to each other in class

- The fully illustrated travel guide of Mysore, India that includes all the hot spots Asthangis enjoy sometime during their yoga voyage

- A replica banana leaf manuscript showing all the essential ashtanga poses

The Iyengar Conversion Kit includes:

- The abridged copy of the famous yoga bible, Light on Yoga

- A 10% off coupon for a new colorful yoga mat at GreatTranscendentalYoga Super Store

- Copy of Iyengar Verbal Self-defense Manual to help you both fend off crude and unsocial comments from teachers and also handy to refer to if you want to dish out your own verbal abuse

- Sample box of No-Doz for those special classes that are so boring you rather watch paint dry

- Credit application to the GreatTranscendentalYoga Super Store to assist you in buying all the wonderful props that will keep you occupied acquiring for years to come.

The Bikram Conversion Kit includes:

-Special 10% off coupon to purchase the essential Biram uniform, Speedo, sport bras and large yoga towels to mop up the sweat you leave behind in class

- 'Allegiance to Bikram' contract

- Abridged copy of “The Dialogue”

- Special heat rash cream

- Antibiotics for various tropical diseases you might contact in the hot, moist atmosphere of Bikram yoga studio

Coming Soon!

The new YogaDawg Yoga to Pilates Conversion Kit