Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Hippie Yoga Chicks on Acid

The reviews are in for the new CD from the YogaDawgs, An American Psychedelic Tantric Kirtan Band.

Just when things couldn't get more bleak for American kirtan music, along comes the YogaDawgs - Yoga Beat Magazine

A welcome change from the insipid and vapid music that is played in yoga studios across the nation. American Psychedelic Tantric Kirtan music is here to stay - Yoga Stoned Magazine

Yoga Music is Dead. YogaDawg is God. - Lady Gaga

Trudie and I get into it deeper and longer with the Hippie Yoga Chicks on Acid CD - Sting

OMG!! Am I still around? - Madonna

This CD makes me cry big time. God bless American Psychedelic Tantric Kirtan music - House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)

Song titles:

San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Your Lululemons)
Give Headstand A Chance
The Asanas They Are A-Changin'
Strange Pose
Electric Yogaland
Surrealistic Yoga Mat
I Feel Like I'm Fixin'To Bakasana
12 Dreams of BKS
Dear Mr Asana Man
Peppermint and Sanskrit
Are You Experienced (or do you just have a 200 hr teacher training certificate)?

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