Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Guest Blogger, Yoga Lip-Gloss - Day 2

Hello my new blog fans out there! I want to let you know that I bought a new pink, polka dot yoga mat today. It is sooooo swanky. I used to have a lavender yoga mat, but kept losing it in the yoga studio where I go for my yoga class because everything there is like lavender. I don't think anyone minded that I had a pink, polka dot yoga mat. But you never know because some of those girls there can be real bitches at the studio. They call it the Lavender Palace...isn't that so cute! Yum, by the way the brownies from the hippie next door are really good...There is an old saying, "when one door closes, another one opens". I'm not sure what that means exactly but will say that if the yoga bitches give me a hard time then they are just real poops and who cares about them, I'm feeling really good...something about these brownies... So anyway girls, do something daring and get your self a pink, polka dot yoga mat like mine. You know I got it at the GreatTranscendentalYoga Superstore. It is so yogi...ahm, yoga, ahmm ..yogic...whatever.... there. They will let you try on different shades of their yoga lip-gloss or sample the yoga cosmetics. They have the cutest collection of bobble heads. I'm not sure who they were supposed to be, but they have the fabest loin cloths on. I think one was called Patanjali....damn, I'm really hungry all of a sudden....

PS This is one of my other kittie-cats!