Tuesday, March 06, 2012

When Miles Met YogaDawg - A Conversation

Miles Davis with Guru YogaDawg - circa 1960-61 - Found in box 365 of the Thaddeus “Dig Dat" Hornsworth Jazz Archives housed in the Smithsonian Institution.

Photograph courtesy of the Non-profit YogaDawg Foundation with research funding from the Jazz is American Kirtan Charitable Trust.

The following is a transcript of an overheard conversation between Miles Davis and YogaDawg Howls.

Miles - "Bop"
YogaDawg - "Om"

Miles - "Be bop a do"
YogaDawg - "Om man padi hum"

Miles - "Hot mama"
YogaDawg - "Jai ma"

Miles - "Cool"
YogaDawg - "Far out"

Miles - "Gotcha"
YogaDawg - "Damn, you're good!"

Miles - "Yeah, but Dawg, couldn't you have said that in 16 down dogs instead of 32?" (Note: a jazz joke....)

Music from Miles From India And yes, this is what you should be playing in American yoga classes; music by master American jazz masters and Indian master musicians.

Artists: Taufiq Qureshi, Selva Ganesh, Louiz Banks, Ron Carter, Ndugu Chancler, Sridhar Parthasarthy, Chick Corea