Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Shopping Guide 2010

Here are you picks for the after Thanksgiving sale at the GreatTranscendentalYoga SuperStore

The CosmicYoga Light Bulb

A fabulous recreation of the ordinary light bulb, the CosmicYoga light bulb might, at first glance, seem like an ordinary light bulb. However, once twisted into your favorite lamp, it shines with the light of inner contentment, piercing the darkness of your shallow and trite life and pointing brightly to the path of eternal bliss. Perfect for those dark, winter months.

The PranicYoga Binoculars

Truly a breakthrough product for your yoga explorations, though shaped like ordinary binoculars, this unique tool allows you to see the Clear Light of Truth when peering into one end and a glimpse of your inner being while looking through the other end. Especially helpful in spotting karmic bumps in the road.

Note of Caution: When using PranicYoga Binoculars, be aware that distant karmic objects are always closer then they appear.

The YogaEnlightenment Video Game

A cross between the ancient yogic art of spiritual discipline and the more modern art of online gaming, watch the Higher Self rack up high scores while ascending to the next level of consciousness in this transcendentally exciting contest between yogis of different schools and styles. With many real-life obstacles to throw off your yoga practice, this game guarantees hours of absorbing play.

The CrownChakra Crown

Designed by a master artisan who studied ritual magic, energy and healing, alchemy, light bodies, and the teachings of the Siddha masters, this crown can be worn during meditation or any other time that you need to be freed from the grip of illusion.

The AncientYogi Action and BobbleHead Collection

We have them all here folks. With the largest selection of action heroes and bobble heads depicting famous yoga stars and ancient adapts, these figurines offer the finest selection for collecting and sharing with other yoga students and teachers. Be sure to bring one to set up in front of your mat for inspiration during your next yoga session. Look for our forthcoming exclusive collection of major saints and gods of all the world’s religions.

Bonus Purchase: Be sure to buy the action hero altar to display your collection safely, with dignity and respect.