Friday, February 02, 2007

Yoga in a Truck

Gilley McWilliams
For Yoga Business Opportunities Magazine

A new franchise offering from YogaDawg, Yoga in a Truck ® is the nation's first residential and commercial mobile Yoga studio franchise system. The mission of the company will exceed its customer’s expectations by offering a full-range of residential and commercial mobile Yoga studio services.

Yoga in a Truck ® franchises offer Yoga students a complete Yoga Studio on wheels to allow them to take Yoga classes in the comfort of their own driveway or parking lot of a business they might own; whether it is practicing one asana, an entire Yoga class, or even a Yoga workshop, Yoga in a Truck ® allows the Yoga studio to come to the Yoga student.

YogaDawg took his inspiration to create this franchise upon seeing Cyndi Lee’s (famous American Yoga Star and Yoga Magazine Star) “Yoga in a Box”. “I just took Cyndi’s idea to the next Yoga level”, YogaDawg explained. Each Yoga in a Truck ®mobile studio is layed out in the fashion as described in the Yoga Sutras and updated for the modern Yoga student to include piped in Yoga music, candles and incense. A complete Yoga boutique is also offered in each truck.

Neither trucking nor Yoga experience is required to obtain a Yoga in a Truck ® franchise. Yoga in a Truck ® is about maintaining solid customer relations, managing people and schedules, and following common- sense business practices. Women and husband-wife teams operate more than half of the Yoga in a Truck ® franchises.

Yoga in a Truck ® training programs enables Franchisees to learn everything from A to Z about operating a Yoga in a Truck ® franchise. Phase One begins the day a franchise is awarded. Franchisees receive a comprehensive start-up kit and begin working with the training and franchise consulting staff. Phase Two takes place at YogaDawg University, located in Lansing, Mich. This phase combines comprehensive classroom and practical training. Phase Three is the opening of the franchise! As a franchise begins operations, the Home Office support team provides ongoing assistance including an on-site visit from a Yoga in a Truck ® Franchise Business Consultant.

The financial resources necessary to get started fall between $83,000 and $245,000.