Saturday, November 29, 2008

Paparazzi Snap YogaDawg

Missy Enders
For Yoga Entertainment Today

The Yoga world is abuzz with the news that the paparazzi have snapped several pix of the elusive and controversial Guru YogaDawg practicing Yoga. In the past, using advanced Yogic Siddhas, YogaDawg has managed to elude the paparazzi by walking through walls, levitating out windows or completely disappearing before his picture could be snapped. Though these pictures are fuzzy, they are believed to be the real deal.

Reactions to the photos seem to run along the lines of surprise, delight and awe. Jackie Seng, a Yoga student, summed it up best, “I nearly fainted when I saw the photos, YogaDawg is hotter then we ever imagined. My girlfriends and I have been walking around in a daze all week. We also noticed that our Yoga has improved substantially. We love those cool hand mudras that he's using ”.

When Romey Satcha, President of the Council Against the Deformation of Yoga was asked to comment on this story, his reaction was, “What is this BS? Doesn’t anyone see that this is a blatant attempt to sell his stupid t-shirts? This guy is a menace to Yoga”!